September Club Reports

Eco Footprints Club: Poster making on saving resources.
Resources are providing comforts to human beings and also fulfilling their daily needs. If not used wisely, today we will surely face the shortage of these natural resources.To focus on the same theme the activity was conducted for the students of standard VI-IX. All the
students were guided by the club in charges two days prior. The criteria of assessment were also shared with the students. Students presented the activity individually as well as in groups. They came up with creative ideas and executed them on the used chart papers.

Heritage Club: Virtual Trip to Sabarmati Ashram
Technology has removed the barriers of time and distance. There are now available a variety of activities and experiences which allow us to enjoy the beauty or adventure of far- off places while sitting in the comfort of our home. Travelling and trips are the best way to
discover. “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.” Virtual Field Trips allow learners to engage in a dynamic, interactive and guided way and assist students to learn outside their classrooms. Keeping this in mind, The Little
Flower School planned an exciting virtual tour for the students of Classes 6 to 9 on the 10th of September 2022, to Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat. The students could not resist the temptation to visit the Sabarmati Ashram, virtually.

Techno Club: Python Programing
Python is an important tool for anyone getting started in data science. It helps students to grasp their attention towards artificial intelligence and machine learning. Techno Club conducted a session for the students. In this session students executed some programs like,
Bar graph program, Program to find mean, Median mode, Calculating area and Perimeter of a Rectangle, etc. Students were eager to learn and execute the programs. They used Google Colab tool, and anaconda software for execution.

Art and craft club: Activity : Newspaper Art
As we aim to bring the students to understand the importance of preserving the environment and learn more about sustainability they should not throw away waste things, rather use them again for different purposes and that not harm to nature. In order to make children
aware of uses of waste material, students of Little Flower School prepared very creative and innovative models and art items from newspaper in the Art and Craft Club. This activity made the students learn to preserve the environment.

Adventure club: Self -Defence activity ( lathi kathi )
Self Defence Program was organized by the Adventure Club in school campus for the students of classes 6 to 9. Trainer Mr. Vijay Mohale from Rahata was invited to guide all the students regarding self defence technique. All the students attended the program with
great enthusiasm .The main objective was to make all the students aware of their own hidden power to fight against any kind of attack. The defense techniques taught the students to build confidence, work on balance, develop self -discipline, help improve their physical
conditioning. Students enjoyed the interactive session by learning to fight against any kind of attack.

Chef Club : Visit to a sauce factory
With the theme ‘Preservation and Progress’ Chef Club arranged a visit to a nearby sauce factory for the students of Chef Club from classes 6 to 9. The owner of the factory Mr. Fakruddin Shaikh started with a production of one pot of sauce. In his factory, he manufactures variety of sauces like Tomato sauce, Red chilli sauce, Green chilli sauce , Soy sauce and Vinegar. In this visit students got to know the different process in making of sauces and the preservatives used in it like Acidic acid, Sodium Benzoate etc. The workers showed them the packaging, labeling of bottles and cans to be exported.

Knitting n stitching club- Mirror Work
Students learned the traditional hand work of Gujarat, Rajasthan and kutch – mirror work in contemporary jewellery form in the Knitting and Stitching Club. Three different techniques of mirror work were shown to the students. They were keen to learn these techniques. After
mirror work it was transferred into beautiful earrings. Students were very much excited to see their handiwork. Students were very much eager to complete their jewellery and wear it. Students were very much excited to see their handwork. This same activity will be continued even for next month.

Drama and Elocution Club: Script Writing and Presentation
Script writing (or screenwriting) is the process of writing stories in the screenplay medium. Script writing is writing down the movement, actions, expression and dialogue of the characters in screenplay, in screenplay format. Students of Drama and Elocution were
guided for script writing for various celebrations and functions in school. In the earlier club, they were introduced with the techniques of reading, pronunciation and writing.

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