Report: Field Visit Sai Palakhi Bird Sanctuary Shirdi

             The field visit for the class III (Rose, Daisy and Lily) under the subject EVS was arranged on Saturday 10/09/2022 at the Sai Palakhi Bird Sanctuary, Shirdi. The main objective of the field visit was to make students aware of the different features of birds like different types
of beaks, feathers, legs. It was also expected that the students should get the experiential knowledge of these features of birds and they can see and observe the different types of birds.
During this visit students observed the different types of birds like colorful parrots, ducks, ostrich. They also observed different colorful fishes and their features. They also saw food of that birds eat and the type of nest where they live. They realized the functions of their
each body parts. The understood that how they take care of these birds and what type of food they provide to the birds. It was an unique experience for the students to learn about different features of birds by visiting the bird sanctuary.
After seeing the birds, students were happy to see these birds. This experience was memorable for the students as they practically observed the different features of the birds. They enjoyed this visit.

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