Our school empowers all the students to embrace learning, achieve their goal and build their emotional, social and physical well-being.


  • To provide an education program that develops student’s curiosity and creativity.
  • To develop responsible and engaged learners.
  • To develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others.
  • Providing an exciting, high quality and holistic education.
  • To provide opportunities for the community and parents to participate in learning and design making.

Student  Speaks

The principal ma’am and teachers in the school are friendly and the lessons are always interesting and fun. They constantly are encouraging me to do my best. It is great knowing that they are there to help reach my full potential. I love my school.
Vedika Ajit Bendre
4th Rose

Parent speaks

You had started online classes amid covid-19 pandemic to keep students engaged and to utilize their time during lockdown period. We all parents appreciate these efforts of your school. Your hard work and way of teaching are more appreciable. You are doing wonderful job with Other extracurricular activities like craft, month end activity, workshop etc. We are highly thankful to you for the efforts taken by you to be in touch with the students online.
Nazmin pathan.


Teachers Subject Classes
Mrs Sarika Aher English I,II
Mrs Chhhaya Aher English III,IV
Mrs Suiata Brahamine English V,V l,V ll,
Mrs Hemlata Bihani Hindi I,II
Mrs Savita Puri Hindi 111, V ,VR
Mrs Kavita Deshmukh Marathi II
Mr Shrikant Lande Marathi V,VI VII,
Mrs Madhuri Gaikwad Marathi Ill,IV
Mrs Sarika Anand Maths I,II
Mrs Kamini Aher Maths IV ,V
Mrs Swati Bawake Maths Ill ,VR
Mrs Teial Gaikwad Sst III,IV,V R
Mrs Vrushali Deshpande Computer I to V

Class Teacher

SR. NO. Teacher’s Name Class
1 Mrs. Varsha Najan IA
2 Mrs. Snehal Bendre IB
3 Mrs. Mayuri Nirmal IC
4 Mrs. Hemlata Bihani IIA
5 Mrs. Vrushali Dharmadhikari IIB
6 Mrs. Kavita Deshmukh IIC
7 Mrs. Punam Sarbande IIIA
8 Mrs. Savita Puri IIIB
9 Mrs. Nikita Aher IIIC
10 Mrs. Sarika Aher IVA
11 Mrs.Tejal Anap IVB
12 Mrs. Nishigandha Autade IVC
13 Mrs. kamini Aher VA
14 Mrs. Chhaya Aher VB
15 Mrs. Tabussum Sayyed VC

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