Ms. Savita Shankar RupwatePrincipal

The Principal’s Vision

If you think you can, you will be.

Our mission is to provide a transformative educational experience that equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values to make their lives meaningful. We are dedicated to cultivating critical and creative thinking abilities in our students, enabling them to confidently tackle complex problems and navigate the challenges of an ever-changing world. We strive to foster an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes gender equality, ensuring that every student feels valued and empowered. Through collaboration and engagement with the community, we aim to develop in our students a strong sense of citizenship, empathy, and social responsibility.

By integrating innovative teaching methods and real-world connections, we seek to inspire students to embrace lifelong learning and strive for personal growth. We believe that education should not only prepare students for successful careers but also equip them with the skills and values necessary to lead meaningful lives and contribute positively to society.

Our vision is to create an educational community that empowers students to make their lives meaningful through critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and the development of citizenship skills. We strive to foster an inclusive and equitable environment that values and promotes gender equality, collaboration, and the cultivation of meaningful and purposeful lives.

Our work at the school has been to define new standards and redefine the old ones to bridge the gap between the old systems and the new to perform flawlessly. Keeping abreast with the pace of 21st century, the emerging role of the school, as the cusp of societal change and as a cradle of genesis for initiatives as well as nation building, makes our motto, “Making Life Meaningful”, even more significant. Our efforts in this academic year were focussed towards bringing in global best practices as well as a deepened bond with our partner schools across the globe for exchange programmes.

As the world opens up new frontiers in mindset, technology, sophistication, medicine and breaks barriers in education, humanities, astrophysics, the capabilities of man are exceeding every myth that has ever existed. But what has been essential, as core to the central idea of solution, has been creativity. The genesis of the wheel was a synthesis of logs rolling down, a mobile phone happened because people wanted to stay connected as well as being mobile. In an era where screen time is a very important metric in a child’s life, it is important to take time out and ideate. Ideation is a culmination of problem identification, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, quick thinking as well as leadership. Using your creativity to come up with unique solutions is rapidly becoming a lost art, which we should focus on to stay relevant in the present context.

Use your creativity well. Believe in yourself. It is the key to being yourself even after you’ve come out of the struggles of life and even the tests of time.

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