Secondary School


Mrs Sangita Sonawane



To provide a lively, warm and purposeful atmosphere for pursuit of excellence.


  • To prepare the children to face the challenges of modern life
  • To pursue the studies with a sense of direction and purpose.
  • To provide a judicious combination of academic excellence, character building and personality development.
  • To obtain necessary skills to be successful in the physical, mental and social aspects of life

Student Speaks

I found it so easy to make new friends when I came to LFS. The teachers in the school are friendly and the lessons are always interesting and fun. The teachers are constantly encouraging me to do my best. It is great knowing that they are there to help reach my full potential. This is my 12th year in LFS and I’m really missing the Offline School. Even though now everything is online, the school is still functioning smoothly. The activities taken by the teachers, offline as well as online are very helpful. The teachers teach not only about the academics but also help us explore extracurricular activities. I would like to thank all my teachers, staff and Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde ma’am for all my unforgettable school days!!
Ms. Kavya Mahamine
Std. – X

Parent Speaks

LFS works on all round development of the students and reaches out to each student individually. The efforts taken by the school especially during this COVID-19 pandemic are really praiseworthy. Where other schools failed to strategies the policies for school, LFS began virtual classes for students to make sure that the academic progress of the students remains unhindered. LFS has set its benchmark as one of the best school in our premises in both modes, online and offline. We are very much happy with the school as parents and wish best of luck for the future endeavors
Shital G Jejurkar


Teachers Subject Classes
Mrs Sushila Ahire English V, VIA, IIIC
Mrs. Swati Bawake Maths, GK VIA, VII, VIIIA, VI
Mrs. Pranjali Dighe Science, Chemitry & Physics VII,VIII,IX
Mr. Shrikant Lande Marathi V,VI,VII
Mrs. Sonali Argade SST IVA,VI A, VII, VIII
Mrs. Sujata Brahamne English,GK IIIA, VIB,VII, VIIIA
Mr. Kiran Wakole SST IX, X
Mr. Ankush Jejurkar Maths,GK VIIIB, IX,VIII,
Mr. Kiran Dhage Maths,Chemistry,GK X-A,B,XA
Smt. Vaishali Vyavhare Marathi VIII,IX, X, XB
Mr. Girish Deshpande Physics X
Mrs. Sangeeta Sonawane Biology,Physics VIII, IX,X
Mr. Ganesh Jejurkar English VIIIB,IX,X
Mrs. Arti Deshpande Computer VI to X
Mrs.Meena pulate PT VI,to X
Mrs. Sayali Datir Art & Craft VI to VIII
Mr. Akash Brahamne Music , SST VI to VIII
Mr. Praffulla Kachare Sketting VI to VIII
Mr. Mahesh Murade Taekwondo VI to VIII

Class Teacher

Sr.No Teacher Name Class
1 Mrs. Sushila Aher VIA
2 Mrs. Swati Bawake VIB
3 Mrs.Pranjali Dighe VIIA
4 Mr. Shrikant Lande VIIB
5 Mrs. Sonali Argade VIIIA
6 Mrs. Sujata Brahamane VIIIB
7 Mr. Kiran Wakole IXA
8 Mr. Ankush Jejurkar IXB
9 Mr. Kiran Dhage XA
10 Smt Vaishali Vyavahare XB
11 Mr.Ganesh Jejurkar XII

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