Report on Hindi Day Celebration

              In India, the celebration of Hindi Diwas was started after the independence of the country. Hindi was adopted as the national language of India by the Indian constitution on September 14, 1949. The Constituent Assembly accepted Hindi written in Devanagari script
as the official language of India.
Every year to commemorate this event, Hindi Diwas is celebrated in LFS with great enthusiasm. A special assembly was organized by the some selected students of class1 to 9. Entire assembly was conducted in Hindi language, where the students shared importance of
the day, Suvachan (good thought), few amazing facts and some beautiful heart-warming poems with the school. The occasion of Hindi Diwas is important for all of us because it reminds us that we should respect the language. The day ended with a beautiful memory in the
hearts of everyone.
Under guidance of the Principal ma’am all the students enjoyed the Assembly.

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