School Exhibition

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.C.V. Raman & Science Day, Little Flower School organised School Exhibition on 2nd March 2023. Because there is a science and mechanism applied to every subject. It is a platform where students get an opportunity to present their skills, talents and ideas. The exhibition was inaugurated by Block Education officer, Mr. Pawse. It was arranged on the ground floor, first floor, second floor, and courtyard and assembly hall. Students from std 1st to 8 th participated in it with their exhibits with the subjects Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English, Hindi, Marathi, Sports, Arts. The objective of the exhibition is to motivate each other to design and develop something innovative. They were very attractive and colourful. The parents and other schools in the surrounding were invited to witness the students. The students displayed their exhibit subject wise like Science witnessed The Rainwater Harvesting, Pollution, Safety Rules, Community Helpers, Sense Organs. Social Science presented the topic like Layers of soil, Domains of the earth, National Symbols and The built Heritage, Maharashtra and it’s festivals. Maths witnessed the topics Tables, 3-D Shapes with names, Educational Games, Maths Quiz etc. Languages showcased the student’s talents through various topics related to grammar and literature such as, phonetic sounds, syllables, debate, informational text and other grammatical topics. Arts came out with innovative ideas of Best out of Waste, Sketch, Painting, Stone Painting and Paper Art. These exhibits were attractive and colourful for they had been prepared well by the students with the guidance from their parents and teachers. Each class had its unique essence of flavour which contributed in making the exhibition a great success. The exhibition got a good response and was appreciated by the parents who visited it.

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