Marathi Language Day is celebrated on February ’27th’ every year across the Indian states of Maharashtra. It is celebrated on Birthday of eminent Marathi Senior poet  Kusumagraj who has made significant contribution in the cultural field of Maharashtra and tireless efforts have been made to make Marathi the language of knowledge.

The significance of the day was shared by the students of std VIII in the morning assembly. First two teaching periods were utilized for the celebration for std I to VII. Section wise different activities were organized in the school. House wise seating arrangement helped the students to perform the activity in group. At the end winner house was declared and house points were added to the winner house for every activity.

Marathi word game was played by the students of std I and II in the courtyard. The students of std III and IV were arranged in the new building hall to hear audio of a Marathi story ‘MUKI FULE’ from a novel ‘Shyamachi Aai’ by Sane Guruji. They took part in quiz based on the same story. The students of std V and VI were arranged in A.V. room to experience a virtual tour to fort RAYGAD in Marathi. Students performed a quiz based on the same after the tour. The students of std VII were arranged in A.V. room on second floor to experience virtual tour to the VILLAGE OF BOOKS – BHILAR in Marathi. The students took active part in the quiz based on the same.

The results of all the groups were as follows:

Sr. No Std Winner House
1 I and II Coral House
2 III and IV Emerald House
3 V and VI Coral House
4 VII Emerald House

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