Date: 23rd June
Venue: Little Flower School, Loni.
Attended by: Students of grade 1 to 10

“Move, learn, discover- Together for a peaceful world”

The International Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23rd to promote sports and health. The day commemorates the foundation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894. It highlights the idea of the Olympics and spreads the message of sports being an integral part of a healthy and fit life. With this objective Little Flower School planned to celebrate this Olympic Day with great enthusiasm. In this celebration different games were held. For class 1 and 2, 40metre Hurdle race, for class 3 and 4, ring race 60metre, for class 5 and 6, 80metre sprint race, for class 7 and 8, 100metre sprint race and relay and for class 9 and 10 200metre sprint race, relay and hand ball these games were conducted. Students actively participated in all the games. It was celebrated to encourage more people to participate in the games and to spread awareness about the event and promote the Olympic Movement.

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