Doctors’ Day Celebration –

Date : 1/07/2022

To acknowledge the contribution and to honour our saviour’s effort, National Doctors’ day was celebrated in Little Flower School with great zeal on 1st July 2022. The occasion commemorates the spirit of doctors across the globe who works day and night to ensure well-being of patients. So, as a token of gratitude, all the students celebrated the day in various manner.

Pre-Primary Section : Role Play
To express gratitude towards all the Doctors ,Pre-primary section celebrated “National Doctor’s Day” on Friday, July 1st.

Role play is essential to fire up students’ creativity and imagination and it also helps to develop skills such as communication, empathy, and socialization. Keeping these things in mind ‘Role of the doctor’ activity was planned for students.
Students of LKG and UKG sections played role of doctor very well, they talked about Doctors’ kit, healthy habits, personal hygiene etc.
Through this activity child learns Importance of health care and it will help to become familiar with a few medical terms.

Class 1 to 5 – Handmade Greeting Cards

Students from class 1to5 made Handmade Greeting Cards for all the life-saving professionals. A small thanks to all the Doctors who have spent so much time and energy to save our health and life.

Class 6 to 10 – Guest Lecture

Menstrual Hygiene & Health and stress management

Two interactive sessions were organised for the girls and boys separately on the topic Menstrual Hygiene and Health & Stress Management. The doctors focused on the goals, mental health, time management, social life and exercise.
They made the students realize and understand the importance of healthy and stress free lifestyle. This session brought a hope to the students dealing with less attention, health and stress. It was a great session.

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