Pre-primary Trip -Saiban MIDC Ahmednagar

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, the Pre-Primary students had an exhilarating Picnic at Saiban MIDC Ahmednagar. The event was a resounding success, marked

By joyous moments and enthusiastic participation.

The venue provided a vibrant setting with a variety of activities, including a garden adorned with slides, swings, and trampolines. The children revealed in the

excitement of boating, encountering statues of animals that added an educational touch to their experience.

One of the highlights of the day was the interaction with real rabbits and birds, fostering a connection with nature. The students, accompanied by teachers and staff thoroughly enjoyed the diverse range of activities offered.

The picnic commenced at 6 pm, allowing the children to relish the beautiful surroundings as the day unfolded. Overall, the Pre-Primary picnic at Saiban MIDC

Ahmednagar was a delightful and memorable experience for all, leaving the students with cherished memories of fun and learning.

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