Date: 23/03/22
Venue: School Assembly hall, LFS.
School support staff are any staff who “support” teachers in their mission of education. They may include bus drivers and janitorial staff, but also many important staff members who care for students and help them learn. These employees are not just pushing a mop and broom. Part of their role is building trusted and meaningful relationships with students. School support staff are integral to our students’ education and to our schools’ academic improvement. To respect them, honor them , the school principal decided to appreciate this team with a token of love to express gratitude and notice them . A special programme was organised for them on 23 rd March to felicitate them . They were appreciate with a card and a sapling by the principal Mrs. Swati Kharde alongwith the school admin, Mr. Pathare and School co-ordinator Mrs, Sangita Sonawane. Many recreational games were arranged for them. They had a great day filled with enjoyment and joy. Students shared their feeling towards them. The programme concluded with the National song.

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