International Yoga and Music day

Date: 21/06/2022
Venue: School Playground, LFS.
Harmonious Melodies and Serene Wellness:
Little Flower School, Loni celebrated International Yoga Day and Music Day on 21st June 2023 with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day began with the morning assembly, which commenced with a prayer titled “Gods love is so wonderful” (Reflecting upon our soul).
This was followed by the thought of the day and its meaning, news updates, and the importance of Music and Yoga Day.
The significance of practicing yoga for physical and mental well-being was explained to the students by Mr. Ghogare (Yoga trainer). A yoga session was organized for all the students, teachers. Everyone participated in the session enthusiastically, demonstrating various yoga
asanas and breathing exercises.
After the yoga session students showcased their musical talents by singing and playing the various musical instruments. It was a melodious morning. The program concluded on a patriotic note with the rendition of the National Anthem, filling the atmosphere with a sense of pride
and unity.The event continued after the school to celebrate Music Day among the staff. The The program began with offering prayers and flowers to Goddess Saraswati. It was really mesmerizing event. The celebration concluded with all the staff members showcasing their
talent by singing melodious songs. Overall, the International Yoga Day and Music Day celebration at LFS Loni was a resounding success. The event provided a platform for the students to showcase their musical talents, appreciate the power of music, and understand the importance of yoga for a healthy lifestyle. It was a day filled with melodious tunes and a commitment to well-being under the guidance of
respected Principal Ms. Savita Rupwate.

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