Date:-23th July 2021
“Gurupurnima” is a day to celebrate and make the students aware about our rich cultural heritage of ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’. It is celebrated to understand and realize the importance of guru in their lives. This year, Little Flower School, Loni dedicated the day to all the Nature Gurus(Elements) to urge people and save the resources which are depleting.

Following activities were carried out :
Class 1 & Class 2 ( Drawing and Slogan writing)
Students expressed their feelings towards ‘Nature’ by drawing and writing beautiful slogans. They thanked nature and expressed gratitude and respect. It made them realize the need to save the resources and take care of them as students are the future torch bearers.

Class 3 & Class 4 – Role Play ( Nature Speaks)-
Dramatic activities such as role play are a useful way to get students excited about nature and open them up to further environmental learning opportunities. A way to make the students realize the need to say thank you to nature Students spoke about the elements in nature . They dressed up themselves like the sun, the clouds, the water and added to the celebration of “Gurupurnima” by praising these natural elements. It was a great celebration. Parents were happy to see the children performing and the values imposing on them.

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