Doctors’ day and Gurupurnima

National Doctor’s Day has been celebrated on 01 July every year in India since 1991, honouring the legendary and renowned doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy, a politician, a freedom fighter, and an advocate for education. Doctors are the soldiers of the country, those who don’t fight at borders but dedicatedly work to save lives and improve life expectancy while putting their lives at risk. Their contribution towards human health is beyond expectations. They are always the first to respond to a pandemic situation such as COVID-19, Disease X, Plague, Flu, AIDS, Ebola, and others to protect the general population. In Indian tradition, we have always had great reverence and place for Gurus in our lives.
Guru is one who enables us to reach our highest potential, who removes the darkness of illusion, who shows the right path ahead and who constantly inspires us to move forward on our evolutionary journey. Guru Poornima is celebrated to honour our teachers, to remove the darkness from our minds. They have had a special place in the lives of their followers since ancient times. On this day, one should dedicate oneself to following the guru’s principle and teaching and put them into practice. To celebrate these special days, a special assembly was conducted in the school on Monday, 03 July 2023. The day began with prayer followed by pledge, amazing facts and news headlines. The students expressed their gratitude towards all the doctors and teachers by sharing the significance of the day. In this assembly the students Ms. Avantika Sonawane, Ms. Anvi Sangale and Ms. Sanvi Sumbe presented heart touching speeches in English, Hindi, and Marathi through which they shared their memories and experiences explaining the importance of gurus in everyone’s life. Sanvi Sumbe, a student of STD VII presented a self-composed poem which was dedicated to teachers. Master Aarav Kharde played a song on keyboard. A group song was presented in the honour of all the teachers. Ms. Mrinmayee Pawar, Master Manas Aher and Ms. Vibhuti Patil hosted the programme. The
school principal Mrs. Savita Rupwate addressed the gathering on this occasion. In her address, she appealed to all the students to share at least one learning experience with every teacher who is teaching to them and express gratitude towards them. The programme concluded with the National Anthem.

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