As a mark of respect and tribute to the former President and missile man of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, school organized a wide range of innovative workshops and activities for the students from class 1 to class 10. This activity highlighted the remarkable and outstanding contribution of Dr. Kalam. It was an endeavor to make the students aware of the magnificence of science. To motivate and inspire the students following were the activities conducted. Dr. Srijan Pal Singh, a co-associate of Dr. Kalam and Founder and CEO at Dr. APJ ABDUL Kalam centre addressed the students on this occasion and made the students aware with the Dr. Kalam’s contribution and his achievements in the field of science and technology.Class 1- Flute Making, Fun with Candles and Plastic Bottle Shower. Students were guided by the science teacher Tabussam ma’am and a class X student Pranoti Tajane . They explained the students importance of Air vibrations, oxygen used in burning and Air pressure with simple illustrations by models . Student were amazed to see this experiments. Class 2- Balloon bottle pump, Expansion of air and coin activity.

This experiment was performed by science teacher Swati ma’am and class X student Shravani Karkute. They demonstrated and explained the science behind the air pressure occupying space. Students also learnt the refraction of light. Students enjoyed the activities and took active part in it.

Class 3- Newton’s Disc This activity was demonstrated by science teacher Nisha ma’am and class IX student Ved Pandey. They explained the students about the spectrum which is combination of all colours.
Class 4 – Balloon Rocket, Water boat( Newton’s third law of motion)
The science teacher Shankarshan sir and class X student Kavya Mahamine demonstrated the activity through these two models. They made them understood the Newton’s third law of motion.

Class 5 to Class 10 – Rocket making workshop:-
A workshop was organized by the school for the students from class 5 to 10. The workshop was guided by Mr. Parag Gore, Educator & Founder at Team Box of Science. In his workshop he shared the information about Indian Space Programme and Remote Sensing to the students. He also made the students aware with Dr. Kalam’s vision to develop India as Super Power. In this activity based workshop he demonstrated the method of Paper rocket making to the students. Students followed him and made the paper rockets with the help of the printouts provided to the students a day prior. They assembled these paper cut outs and were happy to see the replica of the rockets in their hands. He urged students to study hard and become astronauts and space scientist in future. It was truly a great tribute to the missile man of India.

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